Wastewater Treatment Training Programmes offered by ERWAT

Over the past number of years, various initiatives of Government led to the establishment of an integrated, legislated model of education, training and development.  In ERWAT an integrated approach of education, training and development was adopted to achieve the common vision of the Skills Development Act, namely:

  • To improve quality of life, work prospects and labour mobility of all employees.
  • To improve productivity in the workplace and the competitiveness of employees.
  • To promote self-development and confidence in the workplace.

ERWAT is accredited as a Training Provider with the ESETA (Energy Sector Education and Training Authority).
Accreditation Number: 583/0181


Wastewater Treatment Training Programmes: 

  • Water Environment Federation Technical Division WEFTEC - (Advanced wastewater treatment international course)
  • Wastewater Process Operations - NQF 2 Learnerships
  • Process Controller  NQF 3 and 4
  • Management of Water Related Operations
  • Skills Programme - NQF 2,3,4
  • Workplace Training

Learnership: Wastewater Process Operations - NQF 2

ERWAT has embarked on a Learnership Programme in Wastewater Process Operations at NQF 2(National Qualification Framework) with the ESETA. A number of learners are from the community have been employed by ERWAT for the duration of the learnership. 

After successful completion of the learnership, students receive an SAQA accredited Certificate from the ESETA.  All Learnerships must be done in collaboration with the Training and Development Specialist to:

  • Complete a screening test
  • Determine whether the candidate requires to attend the ABET (Adult Basic Education and Training) programme at additional cost before commencing with the course
  • Ensure that it complies with the requirements of the ESETA

Unemployed learners:

  • For a period of maximum 1 year to commence/continue/complete studying towards a certificate/diploma
  • Student applies in writing
  • Student selected by management after interview
  • Successful students will be appointed by ERWAT contractually for one year and be registered with the Department of Labour and the relevant SETA
  • Course fees paid by ERWAT
  • On completion employment with ERWAT is not guaranteed, however, ERWAT has first option to employ the learner
  • Students to work for ERWAT during holidays as negotiated with the Head of Department
  • Final assessment for competency will be done by the ESETA

Employed learners:

  • For a period of maximum one year to commence/continue/complete studying of a trade test, certificate or diploma
  • The learnership must be discussed, accepted and contractually agreed between the student and ERWAT after application
  • Successful students will be registered with the Department of Labour and the ESETA by ERWAT
  • Application to study to be approved by ERWAT
  • Course fees paid by ERWAT

Summative Assessment and Moderation will be done by the ESETA.

Skills Programme- NQF 2, 3, 4:

ERWAT offers a variety of skills programmes relating to Wastewater.

Name of Programme

Unit Standard


Unit Standard ID


Conduct water treatment process control tests, NQF 2


2 Days


4 Credits

Demonstrate knowledge of SI measurement units used in water and wastewater treatment,


3 Days


7 Credits

Conduct sampling for water and wastewater treatment processes,


2 Days


4 Credits

Demonstrate knowledge of sampling procedures for water and wastewater treatment tests ,


2 Days


6 Credits

Author : Wanda Henning
Date : 2010-02-20